League rules


For the third year, the league will feature four divisions:

  • Men’s longsword
  • Women’s longsword
  • Rapier & dagger
  • Team competition

The tournaments

The 2017 installment of the league will consist of the men’s and women’s longsword divisions and the open rapier & dagger division from the following tournaments:

Helsinki Open

Scania Open

Norway Open

Sweden Open

At the final event there will be an extra prize ceremony where the top ranked fighters will be showered in praise and glory. The winners of the individual divisions will get free entrance to the 2018 installment of all league tournament to defend their titles.

Ranking in the individual competitions

The participants in the league will be ranked like this after each tournament:

1 points for 33rd place
3 points for 17th place
6 points for 9th place
10 points for 5th place
14 points for 4th place
18 points for 3rd place
22 points for 2nd place
26 points for 1st place

This setup rewards participation, and ensures that the winners of each tournament are rewarded with an equal amount regardless of the size of the tournament. This is a deliberate move to encourage participation in all tournaments of the league, especially the smaller ones.

The winner will be the person with the most points after all three tournaments have concluded.

Ranking in the team longsword competition

After each tournament the top four scoring individual points from each team will be summed up and added to the team competition score. This might be four scores in the same division, or split up between both the women’s and men’s divisions. The top four highest scores, no matter division, are what counts. For teams with less than four fencers in the tournament, the top scores makes up the team score.

If you change club during the league season the club points stays with the club you represented when you won the points.

Please note that the team competition only applies for the longsword divisions and not for other divisions or non-league weapons.

The winner of the team competition will be the team with the most points after all tournaments have concluded.


If two fencers/teams end up on the same final score after all tournaments the final placing will be decided by the highest amount of highest individual scores. If the amount of highest scores is equal, second highest scores are compared, then third highest and so on. Please note that in the team competition it is still only the top four scores in each tournament that counts.

In case two fencers/teams share the same place after taking into account the amount of highest scores, the size of the tournament where they received their highest scores(s) will be used as the final tie-breaker.