NHFL Championships 2019 registration

This is the registration form for the NHFL Championships 2019. If you have any questions for the organizers, please contact us through our Facebook page

If you experience any errors with this form, please contact us on Facebook or email mail@hemaratings.com, as the form is a proof-of-concept of a better integration with HEMA Ratings.

Tell us a bit about yourself

Your name as you prefer it to be displayed
Your club's full name unless it's commonly known by its abbreviation
The country you identify as being from, not necessarily where you live
Your ID in HEMA Ratings, if you are already registered in HEMA Ratings. If you open your profile page on hemaratings.com , the ID is the number in the web address
All updates will be sent here


Serious business

The Swedish Martial Arts Federation requires all competitiors to be 18 years or older
Required for anyone living in Sweden or competing for a Swedish club
If you have, we will have some follow-up questions for you regarding the nature of your injury and whether you are fit to compete.


Number of Nordic Rules tournaments judged, other relevant experience.

HEMA Ratings stuff

The results from the competition will be submitted to hemaratings.com , where your name, club affiliation, nationality and competition record will by default be publicly visible, but can on request be anonymized (see further down). If you have any questions about HEMA Ratings and how they use your data, please contact them directly

If you check this box, all your data on HEMA Ratings will be anonymized and only visible to the HEMA Ratings administrators. Your name will not appear on any pages, and in your opponents' records their fights against you will simply say "Anonymous fighter". If you have any questions about this, please contact HEMA Ratings (mail@hemaratings.com)
If you found your info through the autocomplete search and there were any mistakes in the results. These corrections will be forwarded to HEMA Ratings.